The Dream by Mteteleli Ceza

Mteteleli Ceza | May 31st, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


So here’s a metaphor, the dream is a rainbow and “making it” a pot of gold, As the sky reflects the ocean you tend to stare hard at its alternate existence,
You search too hard for it you wander over its presence,
The essence of salt fills your lungs as if the ocean is where we wash off our taste,
Remember we are the salt of the world said Jesus the Nazarene,
King of the Jews who still don’t believe in him.
Maybe in that very ocean where he stood upon waves of our wrong doings, riding and surfing to tell Simon of his weak faith,
Maybe this is where it happened,
maybe whilst trying too, to do what the rabbi was doing could he have lost his saltiness?
Could this be when love became a mess?
So now we only play a game of Simon says but in Simons’ days his faith was that of a dead cow,
Now we wish too to have the faith of a dead cow,
So we believe in this dream again a matter for the next decades oh so, telling our kids the same to console the weariness of our bleeding hearts, This can only be the reason why we believe it…

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Just another hungry South African.

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