The Drug Of Condescending by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | January 5th, 2010 | poetry | No Comments

The true essence of a condescendant descendant
Is the one whose ego is at the source,
Itches scratched by the compliments,
Fiendish friction feels good but they say it’s bad,
Addiction to ego rubs and scratches while it leaves dents,
Spaced out indents of a hot head,
So hot headed that the heat exits out their ears and they get red eyed,
Blood red eyes like a fiend denied a line,
Eyes blood shot red they can’t read in between the lines,
Addiction to superiority an addiction in denial,
They get high of acting like the gravity,
Poppin pills of compliments their extasy,
Love the injection of their names in conversation,
Pulls the scent of their name being whispered in dialogue lines,
Till their eyes get red again and they O.D in lines,
Their source died when they overdosed on lines,
Chocked on the ellipsis that omits them,
Now their in rehab to relapse,
Till i see you again.

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