The Fall Of An Empire by Felix Francois Erasmus

Felix Francois Erasmus | January 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Watch. Closely. The fall of an Empire
Consumed. Suddenly. By a mindless Fire
Shaky ground. No Love to be Found
Listen to the forgotten. Can you hear the Crumbling Sound?
Dying. Suffocating. Unhappy Faces.
Lost. In tiny Dark Places
Too small for comfort. Too Large for the Universe
Simple Stones. Bolts. Hands. Began to Disperse
Stumbled on Happiness. Perfection
Began to Doubt. Looking for weaknesses. Dissection
Open pools. Splashes. Falling Stones
Crashing through lives. Widows. Lovers Homes
Crumble. Last pillar.
Tip over. Marble Timber
Tomorrow Never Comes. Today Always Stays
And yesterday. It will never be the same. Away!
Masons. Forget their Hammers
Wolves. Forget their Manners

Ripping Eyes
Screaming Whys
Dancing Devils
Singing Shovels

… Wait for the Sunrise
Maybe it will come with a Surprise
… Then hold out for the Moon
Find a Lover and a cozy Room
One step in front of the Other
Keep Walking. Forever
Let the Empires Collapse. Burn
The Journey is not yet Over. More to Learn

Follow. Your favorite Rock
It is tumbling down the hill. Shooting off a hill. Taking Stock
Then falls down the giant Cliff
But lands on an innocent Cloud. Diverted with a Whiff
Speeding. Falling. In a City
Hits the side of a brand new Wheelchair. Pity
Picked up. By a misbehaved kid. Thrown around during Class
Flying again. This time through Glass
Rolling. Rock. On to the Road
Exploded Tire. Truck. Spilt Load
Boxes. Everywhere. Quickly Repacked
Rock too. Into a box Snatched
On the Road. Plane. Boat. Foreign Land
Far from Home. Not quite as Planned
Taken out. Then thrown in Trash
Driven a million miles. With cans bags and rotting things. Splash

Trash. Bags brought and delivered to a Fire
Back to the ash. Of the Fallen Empire

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