The Far Left by Paula Puolakka

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The true barrier between the old and the new, the pile that prevents change,
is the political far left.
The so-called intellectuals, the leftist elitists, are too concentrated on finding the flaws
and the errors in the written and spoken ideas,
too fixed on the details,
and always correcting the small acts of how the change should be achieved
so it “won’t insult or hurt anybody”
that soon the flame of revolution that has risen among the so-called average Joes and Janes,
is put out.

The mainstream media and the political elite are keeping the political far left alive
because if the going gets too rough and an internal crisis is near
you can always call in the hounds of liberal reformation
but the true liberal reformation is far from the acts the hounds are conducting.
They are only shooting lip and scheming through idle words
and nothing really happens since nobody is ready to sink their hands in shit
or start shoveling it.

The hounds of liberal reformation are feeding on the needs of the small marginal groups
and together these small groups scuffle in the media,
showing their teeth but never given the chance to bite since someone is holding the leash,
no matter how long it first seems to be.
“We have achieved so much and the chance is near,” the political far leftists are saying,
year after year, but the truth is things have been and are going to the opposite way.
The poor are getting poorer.
The rich are getting richer.
And Nature has been destroyed because it has been more important
to develop useless technological innovations
to support the sci-fi dreams of the delusional
than to make sure that we all could breathe fresh air and drink clean water.

Dedicated to Mr. Kaczynski, ancient trees around the world, and Mr. Wittgenstein

Poet Bio

Paula Puolakka is a writer, Beat poet, and MA (History of Science and Ideas.) In April 2019, she was given an honorable mention in the writing competition held by The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation. Her essay was also one of the winning stories in the competition held by Single Parents Association under the 2019 parliamentary elections in Finland. In March 2019, she was awarded the second prize in Dreamers & MLK poetry contest (NC, USA.) To look forward to, her work will be displayed through White Wall Review (Instagram, )Voice of Eve, Arts Quarter Books, and Curating Alexandria in spring and summer 2019.

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