The First Day Killed Like A Train by Kaveer Nagessar

Kaveer Nagessar | January 24th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Sleepy students
lie leisurely
on dusty desks
as the teacher talks and
lectures lifeless lessons
and worthless words for
the youthful year ahead.

Their soggy tea bags under
their red, watery eyes
that cry for a cat nap.

They sleep on themselves
as the dream on the imaginary
soft feather pillows
with swampy snores
from back of the class.

In a daze,
a student gives a gaze
with the haze in his eyes,
he stares at the new teacher’s pace.

Boredom fills the room
as his empty brain has being
dried and fried by the summer heat.

He fidgets with his new lead pencil
and the glossy ink pen.

He couldn’t wait to go home
where his phone quenches his desert brain.

He scrolls until he sleeps softly.
Dreaming of how summer holiday
was ran over by the school train
His last bit of freedom from work

Poet Bio

Kaveer Nagessar is an emergent poet from Pretoria, South Africa who has published articles and poetry is several small publications.

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