The flight plan of the pollen plane by Dark Plasma

Dark Plasma | February 5th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

The summer breeze is my floating, silent home
The lost trail is where my freed spirit roams
My wings are the colours of the ever-changing sky
Eyes are the beautiful moments I didn’t let pass-by

My ears are the buzzing mating ritual of mosquitos
Listening to the howling and tearing of tornadoes
My life is an evolving metaphor, the beauty, the raw pain
My flight plan is on nature’s schedule, her pollen plane

My past is a cocoon of pure dewdrops in pure sunlight
My tomorrow, a blossoming garden flower too bright
My cloudy days are passing shadows I simply fly above
My sunny days have no end because I’m the symbol of love

My heart is the open fields of the peaceful hillside in the spring
My mouth is the bitter truth of death and renewal, the sting
My breath is the explosive eruption of volcanic mountains
My voice is the speechless demeanour of my romantic pertains

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. A sketch artist, a painter and sculptor. I love rock music, it’s poetic melody and lyrics. I love art and creativity. And dream a million times a day, even though I don’t always have the language to express those dreams.

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