The forces of love by L. Mostert

L Mostert | Oct 18th, 2019 | poetry | 1 Comment


The forces of love

Heartbeat, pounding like waves hitting the shore
Cascading into the depths of the soul
Unbalanced, rocky and unsteady
Teeming my everything

Love revitalises
It overwhelms
Tantalizing your soul
Cuts and bruises are healed by its touch
The words I love you cannot define it enough

Be gentle be kind
Embrace the moments in their time
Hone forgiveness as it breathes tranquillity
Commit each day as if it were your last
Time moves fast there is only room for reflecting the past

Engulfed by storms
Love is steadfast
Hold on to it
United together
Nothing can part

The story of your life
Is witnessed by your bond
The legacy of love lives on

Poet Bio

L Mostert holds a bachelor’s degree in education. She is an educator, mother, wife and community member.

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1 thought on “The forces of love by L. Mostert”

  1. A very moving, provocative and evocative poem. So powerful. Well done to the poet!

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