The Forgotten Citizens by Soul Child

Soul Child | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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Land has parted ways with their nurturing hands
It exchanged their ownership with land rights desecration
They have turned into pariahs in the indigenous land
Their turbulent past is entrenched in the present
Burial rights are luxuries dangled out of their reach
Consumption of murky water is their daily veracity
Contracted footpaths restrict the freedom of their movement
Dispossession has displaced their sense of community
Land reformation has Deformed, Destroyed, Disturbed,
Demobilised, Demoralised, Derailed, Disengaged, and
Drained their hopes and formations
Their masters’ seeds populate their troubled homesteads
Freedom parted ways with them before they could taste it
Chapter nine institutions suffer historical and political amnesia
Azania disregards their inherent citizenship
The lethargic justice system has become their abhorrent nemesis
The influential collude with higher powers for their downfall
Animal rights exponentially surpass their own
Their human flesh is ravaged by animals without penitence
They moil for pittance that does not afford them better sustenance
Their once vitalized frames now carry burdened and perforated spirits
Whose rights grace stages when political elections are erect
Egalitarian systems wake up from your drunken reverie
Remember the forgotten citizens they are children of the soil

Poet Bio

I am a social development practitioner, who has been involved in planning and managing community preparedness and development programmes for the past 14 years in South and Southern Africa. I am also a land rights, gender and AIDS activist. My experiences, observations, and lessons I have gathered from life and from people around me are the platform where I derive creative inspiration. Some of my poems have been published by ITCH Online Magazine (Issue 3 and 4), Poetry Project, Poetry Potion, Love letters to My Child. I am currently working on two poetry anthologies titled Soul Flight and Soul Revolution.

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