The Fun and Gloom of Life by Thompson Emate

Thompson Emate | April 8th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


I’m back to the old times,
Journey to days past,
When my father and I
spent good times together,
Pleasant and colourful memories,
Father’s songs were never out of tune,
They flowed with seamless rhythm,
They were sweet sounds to the ears,
He flowed with the melody,
He was drowned in it,
We jumped and sang in the field,
The shining sun wasn’t a deterrent,
Mother stood on the porch
beaming with smiles,
How I wish time could swing like a pendulum,
How I wish we could relive
the past then come to the present,
How I wish we could walk ageless with time,
Oh! How time has held my father bound,
Fettered to his bed in between two worlds,
The good times we spent
were the making of memories,
Memories etched in my mind,
My forever keepsakes.

Poet Bio

Thompson I. Emate is a graduate of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. His keen interest in creative writing particularly prose and poetry have seen him spend most of his leisure time writing these two. He has his poems, ”Foot Soldier” and “Lilies”, published in a youth magazine. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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