The Futility of Man by Ebube Julius

Ebube Julius | March 26th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Greetings, to each who I share this despondent lifecycle with
To the embryonic yet to surface, avert if you are chanced
The gone wallow in their deep sleep and empty carcasses of their once birth
Absent from their chattels they once treasured
Unmindful of the wisdom of their lineage, not certain
Only with hope of a windfall dawning on them for a continuity

I assemble here, preparing to take the same trainings
Coagulating the path for my generations to come
As I skillfully set out agendas to gain everything
Unaware of the fortuneteller beside me promising of tomorrow and a longer life

What do you prefer my siblings in this rat chase
Come lets drink and feast on every pleasure our eye catches, as we decide
Let’s relish what we can off this dejected life
Cause this won’t be done anymore, once our backs ache,
A likelihood we are not given
So lets enjoy this few energy filled days,
Until we go our separate ways soon gracefully

We are stuck to this timetable
This channel of life
With this embodiment of clay
That fleets away quickly
Either awarded to us or made to encage us

Everything under the sun is a repeated cycle
Such beauty
The encircling wind, the timed sun, the unfilling sea from the river
And the burden of work given to us, until we return to square one
With a competent range of compeers still to connect with us

Its all meaningless I know
But I have no right to decide
Supernatural forces over power me
Forcing me to compel

Poet Bio

Ebube Goodness Julius is a writer and poet. She is a graduate of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Her faith and family is the most important thing to her. . She studied English Language in the university which served to give her a greater edge in her preferred writing career

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