The Grey of Time by Desmond Springhall

Desmond Springhall | Jul 28th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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How poignant it seems to reminisce in perfect colours,
to let the mind roam beautiful memories and caress each one it touches,
in thought the ripples glisten with gleaming sun kissed jubilation,
the traces of any doubts are wrapped in turbulent flickers of darkly lit imagination,
how time just softens the inklings within our innocence,
forever bursting against our shameless lowly pertinent petulance,
ideas of ourselves that constantly blight the souls identity,
are carefully cusped in healing once we languish in a heartfelt perfect memory,
spiritual angelic caring of loves past so intricately sublime,
forever casting aside the shattered memories into the redeeming essence beseeched
by the softening grey of time[/tab]
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Des Springhall is a 37 yo South African male who is a practicing artisan who hails from The Bluff – Durban[/tab]



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