The hands of these men by Thuthukani Ndlovu

Thuthukani Ndlovu | Jan 26th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Politics is a dirty game,
And he’s a filthy rich politician,
His hands are often dirty,
And it’s very rare for him to keep them clean.
We are not surprised,
Because he’s familiar with dirty money,
Like daylight robbers who know how to leave citizens broke
And not get caught despite the evidence on the crime scene.

The music industry is a dirty game too,
And he’s filthy rich musician,
His hands are often dirty,
And it’s not often that he keeps them clean.
We are not shocked,
Because he’s also familiar with dirty money,
Like men who abuse women and children
But never go to prison despite the evidence on the crime scene.

The sad reality is that,
Even if both these men cleaned their hands,
And kept them clean,
It wouldn’t erase the detrimental impact of their crimes.
Their crimes have left us believing that,
Men with the same dirty hands,
Will not go anywhere anytime soon,
Even if we could fast forward the hands of time.

Poet Bio

Thuthukani Ndlovu is a Zimbabwean spoken word artist, currently studying an Honours degree in Marketing at the University of the Free State (Bloemfontein, South Africa), and also works as the Vrystaat Literature Festival assistant coordinator. He’s the founder and creative director of The Radioactive Blog, a platform that has promoted and continues to promote a number of dope creatives from around the world, and mainly from the African continent. 

A passion for Marketing, Poetry and Social Activism, is quite evident in his busy and proactive day to day schedule. In terms of performing his work, he has performed in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia & South Africa. He also hosts poetry workshops (in Bloemfontein) with the aim of equipping and inspiring upcoming poets. His latest project to date is “Giving Poetry Wings”, which was hosted at the first Creativate Digital Arts festival – under the banner of the Makhanda National Arts festival 2018. Thuthukani is also part of The Festival Academy Alumni.

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