The Harvest by Sibulelo Manamatela

Sibulelo Manamatela | March 22nd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

and on some days there is no night
before the sun can set my grandfather
plucks it from the sky and hides it
in the gap between my teeth
I chew and spit it out like sugarcane
it spatters across the sky
little suns from my mouth
crushed sugar from my teeth
he grabs a grain and plants it in my hair
and another another another
until my hair turns into a garden
and grows into candy floss.
when the night revisits
I shave my hair and harvest
the sweetness he sowed
i put it back in the sky
and the sun rises.

Poet Bio

Sibulelo Manamatela is a great lover of text; whether it be that of a novel, play or even music lyrics. She finds it apt to express herself and her narrative in poetry.

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