The Heartbeat of life by Olagunju Sunday Gbenga

Olagunju Sunday Gbenga | Sep 21st, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


That childhood friend of mine
With whom I built sandcastles
Once told me: “friendship is the heartbeat of life.
It can make or mar you”
Being a child, I considered it a child’s play.
Our elders say twenty children cannot flock together for twenty years
So, we both went our ways to pursue our dreams.

After many decades, I ran into my friend while engaging in my hustling and bustling
On my way to the office as city life demands
He bleated the horn of his car and beckoned with his left hand
As I was hunting hungrily for the next ‘’Danfo’’ (bus)
Obviously, the bleating was for me, ‘’who could this be?’’ I asked in awe.

He alighted from his car and advanced towards me,
‘’Wow! Yemi! I exclaimed. That’s my friend with whom I built sand castles countless years ago.’’
After exchanging pleasantries and discussing the ordeals of my life a while, he gave me his card
One day, I made out time to trace the address on the card
On getting to his office, it dawned on me that he was the CEO of the international company bequeathed to him by his late father.
He empathized with me and bitterly regretted the pains that life has caused me
Consequently, he pleaded with me to be his PA
Thus, my life advanced from grass to grace.
Isn’t friend the heart beat of life?

Poet Bio

Olagunju Sunday Gbenga is a writer, poet and seasoned teacher of English Language. His work has appeared on Writers Pen. He is also a social advocate and analyst.

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