The Heavy Heart of Sacrifice by Julia A Masi PhD

Quaz | April 28th, 2024 | poetry | No Comments


The heavy heart of sacrifice
wafting through the air
like incense at benediction
on our Good Fridays
rooted in the tradition
of gratitude and worship
calling us to assemble
across the spiritual deserts of
of despair
seeking Divine presence

The heavy heart of sacrifice
unites us in a sincere benevolent fraternity
throughout every
in the privacy of our homes
we call upon the Divine
for mercy

Offering Salah,
Lighting Shabbat Candles
Reciting the Rosary
Praying with open hands
we’re united
battling the darkness with
the heavy heart of sacrifice
prayers wafting through the air
on our Good Fridays

Poet Bio

Júlia Masi is an Italian-American who grew up in NYC where her friends and neighbors celebrated many different religious and cultural holidays. She has worked as an advocate for the unhoused, the disabled and new immigrant populations. She is currently roaming the desert of the American South West searching for poetic inspiration.

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