The homes I’ve built by Mumu M

Mumu M | Dec 1st, 2018 | poetry | 1 Comment


Don’t put people in boxes
Never put anything in boxes
Because that is an act too complex to unlearn
My throat was a box once,
Sealed…My voice only ever managed to
Seep through when options were next to None
I might have just lied
I once built a box
I placed it in my throat because
That’s where it was safest
In it, I placed my voice
My childhood traumas
The deaths I’ve suffered which have taken me with them
I don’t believe I’m actually here
In the box, I placed my opinions about feminism
Neatly folded suppression and placed it there
Ironed oppression and kept it for a special occasion
Babied patriarchy because I had been blind to its tombstone
I built this box with pillars of fears
Lined it with thinly placed tears
The rooftop was ghosts
Of all the things I let die
On the front of the box
Was a tattoo label which read “do not touch”
And so I hardly ever did
I once dated a boy who thought himself a man
With no backbone
He turned my insecurities into his spine
It kept him upright, having me around
I never speak about this
I never did the leaving
Because when you grow up
And the women in your life have stayed
You do too, by default

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Mitchelle is an aspiring poet with so much originality to share with the world and believes that her work could potentially impact readers

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