The howling wind within by BL Dineo

BL Dineo | Sep 20th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Like the wind
it came howling.
Relentlessly tearing
and salting the wound.

With every wailing,
it feels longer, more raw, more intense.
Louder and louder it screams
dominating every thought, every action.
Rattling the peace within.

Like a never-ending gale
it gusts down the sun and moon channel,
swirling me out of control.
It constantly taunts me with its power,
trying to uproot me.

With the last strand of strength,
I cry out to God, to anyone
Who will tame this wind?
Who will take way this unbearable pain?

Poet Bio

Patricia Pretorius, pen name BL Dineo, believes that writing is not just a creative outlet, but one of the oldest and greatest healers.

BL Dineo sees writing as a space of freedom and a way to connect to the world. She writes to heal, inspire and to empower.

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