The identity by Brendan Hepburn

Brendan Hepburn | March 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Forbade the truth from these ears as if to sanctify the being within, and glory falls on the heart of the weak willed, forth you bring the problems of the dying yoke.

Wisdom you seek in self-righteousness, but only failure you’ll find.

You fool! Look at your request and see that your selfishness is clouding the truth from your ears. It has pulled shells over your eyes and has promised you prosperity in the flesh, for you should conqueror! It screams and bombarded your head becomes full of the flesh.

You drown in mixed emotions and can’t seem to acknowledge that what you’re being taught is the truth.

Back and forth you swing in the pendulum of mistrust.

Now by the grace of god you call for wisdom.

O Lord my father which is in heaven, I am in desperate need of your truth to shed light on this darkness.

“I am the truth, I am the way, I am LOVE and I am all of you! See me in the eyes of your enemies, acknowledge my exists in another, and then you will do what is just, for I am you! My death is not in vain, for those who drink from the cup of my blood.”

“They have seen and they have heard that my kingdom comes!”

inspired by the Holy Spirit

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