The Journey Back by Thompson Emate

Thompson Emate | Jun 7th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


He left them,
He left his followers,
Those he was saddled with
the responsibility to lead to a
place of bounty and seamless rest,
He left them in the hands of his henchmen,
He told them to hold the fort,
Until he comes back,
Few days after he had gone,
Conflict and strife rose in
the midst of his henchmen,
This paved the way,
This opened the door for an outsider,
Who came in and sowed tares,
He turned away the hearts of the people,
He corrupted their minds,
And led them away from their first belief,
Away from their faith,
When their leader came back,
He met a divided house,
He met a confused people,
Wandering about with no certain direction,
He wept,
For his henchmen couldn’t
keep watch for him,
They couldn’t stand in for
him until he comes,
Allowing a stranger to convert the believers,
Hypnotize their minds with sorcery,
All is left for him,
All is in his hands to undo the magic,
Or at the least make it
to become less potent,
And gradually free the minds of the people.
And bring them back to their lost path.

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