The Key to Freedom by Catharina van der Mescht

Catharina van der Mescht | April 28th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

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The key to freedom
is to forgive,
and to forgive,
and to forgive

until the bitterness is washed from your tongue
and hatred uprooted from your heart

The key to freedom is to forgive
but not Forget,
because today looks like yesterday
and tomorrow looks the same

The key to freedom
is to find hope in the horrors of our past,
a possible path to the freedom in our future

The key to freedom has no lock
in which it

it is in the hand that pulls us up,
it is in the heart that is relearned

The key to freedom is found at the start and end of our heart and actions

The Key to Freedom is to Forgive

Poet Bio

The writer is someone who loves words and those who read them

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