The Last Poem I Wrote To You by Shruti Pandey

Shruti Pandey | July 8th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

It’s something I swore I’d never do,
Grow up and take on the traits of you,
Saying no to giving me my favorite books,
Shouted at for leaving on the TV.
It’s not like I was doing anything wrong,
But I’d still get told off for leaving the big light on.
The door would open and I’d hear you shout,
“Make up your mind, you’re in or you’re out.”

I couldn’t sleep again, stayed up all night,
Remembering the last time I idolized you,
As the sunrise turned into mourning,
And I walk on bare roads as it rains,
Memories from that night keep worsening my pain,
And as I lay under the moon, soon the stars begin to wane,
Just know, that my soul would never love you again.

The safety in my heart is no longer mannequin,
In your honesty, I felt my soul unravelling.
And every wall I ever build comes down crashing,
And all the memories of your past love completely vanish.

Poet Bio

Shruti Pandey has been writing since she was thirteen. She has a collection of poems that would easily sum up to form a book, however, she has very recently decided to try getting them published. None of her poems have been published anywhere before, they might be, she has submitted some of her poems to magazines just a week ago. If they are considered for publication before you could consider or deny it, and if they are the same poems she has sent to you, she will inform you the first thing. She is an unpublished poet as of now, however, poetry has always been her only dream, even in her hardest times, poetry was her only escape.

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