The Left and Rights by Hape Mokhele

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If I could yell any louder would you hear me any better?
I have seen it all with my own eyes and have heard it all with my own ears
Look at what you’ve done…
You will never truly feel good and be content until you learn to love yourselves unconditionally
We have lost a sense of unity, family and community…
It does not matter where we come from
We are all people, we are all human beings

Amazing how quick we are
To applaud all else that is on feet and with lips to speak
Not knowing as to what we are even applauding
As we travel through the journey of life
We tend to forget who we once were
Today, my view is disconsolate and morbid
Blurred and murky and full of disappointment
Pouring, the tears of a thousand lost souls drowning in confusion
So, so sad that it shadows their emotion with a pure cold scent
The fragrance hugged them and pledged both love and comfort
And promised to withstand fears and forces of all elements
Burn, burn, burn…
Let it all burn!
Those sweet little nothings spoken
So reassuring and full of promise
Those whispered truths pending lies
So sweetly uttered and unaltered
Let it all burn!

Yesterday is gone and no more shall it be seen
What then sets us apart from reality?
What then sets us apart from reality?
What better place to run when burdened by today and its realities?
That is not the clock ticking but my mind thinking
All I need is for you to just listen to me
No, I do not want to crawl out of the dark
Just let me be…
Then perhaps this hue will swallow me whole
And leave no differentiation contrast

You can have amnesia
But your heart will never forget
Not everything is a state of mind
There were thousands and thousands of them
Black and determined, and engulfed by a throbbing ache and sorrow
Grief and misery, fury and rage
Resentment and courage
Hurling stones meant to seize a chain reaction of opened fire
Many of their backs found a bullet as they turned to flee
We know so much of the past yet remember so little
And never really care to speak of it at all
Silence is said to be a language of the dead

When you see the colour black
And feel the need to run
Remember the redefinition of it being more than
A colour of dirt, darkness and shadow
When you see the colour black
And feel the need to crawl back within your pearly shell
Remember the redemption that it has brought unto you
This skin you dread so much
This beautiful black skin you loathe as such
Resembles ebony is its glorified magnificence
Let me ask you…
Did the past die with your future?
No, do not dare sugar-coat things
They tend to become sticky when the temperature rises
Then everything that you try to say
Sounds a lot like a worn out cliche

Do you think death is the opposite of life?
I think ignorance is the opposite of life
And death is just a bargain
An intention and execution are two separate words for a reason
Just as (inhale) inspiration and (exhale) expiration are in Anatomy
These written form of rights you see
Allow me to declare what I believe to be truth
These written form of rights you see
Have freed me from the bondages of violence and racial segregation
Become not surprised as to why
Our flag consists of a dominant red atop
Be it turned into liquid
The entire Black and yellow
Green and White and blue
Would all be drenched in Red
These written form of rights you see
Are inherent from the blood shed
Rooted deep no longer in sight
You need not earn them, neither can they be taken away

I have been reliving the moments in my head
Only to witness my mind’s eye bearing a tear
Left wandering and wondering
They say sticks and stones may break your bones but words won’t
They lied…
Be careful of a person who bears teeth out a lot
They are hiding more pain and hurt than they would admit to show
With a willing suspension of disbelieve
They bear scars which aren’t birthmarks
Triggering the hate of another man just as he

I met death the other day
He graced a friendly smile
I failed to understand why he insisted on walking me home
Though I reluctantly let him by my side
See, you eat lunch with your enemies
But share lunch with your friends
Nothing positive will ever last if it is inspired by a negative mind
Forgetting that this very man you detest as such
Has a soul as you do, cries like you do
And is capable to love just like you do
This very same man you detest as such
Was made in the very same image of God that you were made in
Can you see the camouflage?
It is just like the paranoia of Hitler among the Jews

We need to allow the rain to soak the parched land
My world has changed and so have I
It takes a large amount of heat to melt a coin
But never really to burn a note
It is a lot like cigarettes
You quit everyday and yet smoke every hour
Go ahead and paint the heavens with little twinkles in the sky
In remembrance of diamonds that remained
In the eyes of those that have died
Let the blackness of sky remind you of the need to live
Do not forfeit your right to live

Poet Bio

Environmental Health Student • Writer • Poet • Public Speaker • Performing artist. I’m just too sweet, too caring, and much too sensitive. I’m free-spirited, short tempered, but mostly very impatient – however I will wait for what is well worth waiting for. People tend to think that I’m just another pretty face, but if they took a closer look, in my eyes, they would see; fire, passion, determination and a great deal of compassion! I won’t deny the fact that I turn a lot of heads, but how I look measures only 10% of my true identity!

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