The Lens Behind My Eye by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | June 18th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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This lens behind my eye
Aborting memory in its embryonic foetus
I take it out on this date
So this present moment does not become an unwanted future
The gifts that are to be cursed in the future
When we full stop at that end

I used to see you off the lens
Daydreams Left an ellipsis on the skull of my brain
The sight of you fell in buckets of the colour blind
As You hid behind the lens that’s behind my eye

My body is on strike from striking a pose
I struck that pose in protest , I knocked It out
I don’t pose I prose
I just call it living with no gimmicks
Flash! shoot me now
Damage my soul let everyone see me prose
I found solace in my soul less so  I prose
Cold heart’s now i’m froze “So I’m Cool?”
So I’m froze one of those
Dull typo’s of the fingers grey

Finger in my eye adjusting the lens behind my eye
I rate my face in the mirror
I degrade me, almost got to C
I’m blind to the claims that I’m decency
It’s above a fail so even though this pain may pass and maybe one day I will make that grade
And be good enough for you
For now the lens behind my eye stares back
Two eye’s,
So before I struck the pose
Dull face has to utter the words
As I got shot by the Lens behind my eye
And down I go
To lie In Immortality

Poet Bio

Sihle Ntuli is a 21 year old writer whose hometown is Durban, his work can be found on various online journals including Itch,Sang Bleu,Jiggered, Free Riddim & Poetry Potion

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