The Mask by Sheena Pillai

Sheena Pillai | October 7th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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She masks herself,
to better blend in
a crowd so bare
like shallow air..

She wants to be real
is it real for real?
She asks herself
breathing through the mask.

She’s too edgy
to outgrow the mask
the mask is her face
so, the world believed!

The mask started growing
consistent and desirable
but what’s with her face?
the face lost its sheen.

She seldom wore the mask
but for the World..
She wanted to be real
Would the world accept?

What if they don’t accept?
What if they hate
the very sight of her
When she unveils the mask?

What if they tell her:
“End your life.
You’re nothing but
an eyesore in this world!”

She lets her mask on;
blending with the ignorant
just a safe demeanor
to balance dark and light!

Her mask is pretty
happiness all over it.
beaming smiles,
A hollow laughter…

Her mask is fearless
It shines in the dark..
It shows humanity
the reason to hope…

Her mask reminds her
to put up with a smile
As she wants to scream
strangling her reality.

Poet Bio

Sheena Pillai is a writer by passion. She has published short stories collection, novels and poetry books online

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