The Monkey Stole My Stars by NoLIFE

NoLIFE | Sep 15th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


I bought my life as luck
from a meditating space ape
whose prognostications teetered
between lost and stuck.
His bag of tricks had stones and sticks
I broke his trance to ask, “what force is this?”
He smirked and winked,
replied without moving lips, “It’s the power of metamorphoses,
“You have a choice but it’s predetermined from one to six.”

A die manifests like stigmata in my fists.
He speaks, “give it a roll and see what fits”
It lands on 5, and out of disgust he spits
I ask, “What’s the meaning of this?”
He looks at me and tucks his tail:
“you’re gonna be human”
I said “Me? Oh, shit!”

He packed his bag real quick
Left me in flesh and stripped…
the stars from my wrists,
Turned into banana glitters and split…

Poet Bio

NoLIFE is Japan based, South African writer, poet and rapper from Johannesburg.

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