The Monster by Katy Tempel

Katy Tempel | June 1st, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


Darkness. Warmth, quiet surrounds
You, girl with the blonde wig. Approach
him. Eyes precise. Hear voices rise, vibrate, resonate
Against the large body of water that blankets
Fear, which drills. The Monster lurks.
Roaming around misty forest
Depths with comfort in a form most hideous.
Tiptoes at best, fabricating subtle traps,
like delicate butterfly wings. Like
A child. Pink dress fluttering innocently.
Run, run towards horror you must let
Burn, your sole purpose to
Kill, to torture, to destroy.
The monster and the mutation,
Controlling uninvited pain—
Your hands quiver. Too afraid, but it’s not
Reality. Play the dangerous game
Or escape by death. Extinguish
The monster. A powerful threat, though

You are only a child.

Poet Bio

Katy Tempel is a student writer. She has written stories and poems on topics of fantasy, romance, identity/self-discovery and animals. Other than writing, she loves to walk her dog Bella, play board games with her family, listen to music and read thriller novels. Katy continues to pursue her artistic ambitions by composing songs on guitar. She lives in British Columbia.

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