The Morning After by Twanda Rolle

Twanda Rolle | Nov 20th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


Shattered glass
Strewn down the roads
Some parts blood stained

Molotov cocktail was served
But bullets could not stop the protest

The morning remembered last night
The left over anger
From the burnt buildings
It screamed from the walls
‘Black life matters’

The morning remembered last night
Baring all the rage

The morning,melancholy
With its light cast on
Last night’s uprising
A modern slave rebellion
Tiny films of ash still on the ground
Like a burnt cane field
And look closely, no a little closer
You will see it, a bright, small
Fire still raging in the building.

‘The struggle continues’

Poet Bio

Twanda is a teacher and painter who has won awards for her work.

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