The night is a penance for the light by Nkateko Tshabalala

Nkateko Tshabalala | Nov 6th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


As the light fades into the horizon,
an enchantment of darkness casts its spell over the sky,
the nostalgic seeds sprout the flowers that fill the night with its pollen of dreams.

Stars shine brighter with every prayer,
thoughts of love fill the moon with its glow.
Angels watch over the souls swallowed into the abyss of nightmares,
demons prowl and wail as the spirits conquer the cursed death.

The night is a penance for the light.

And when the dawn kisses the heavens,
the darkness buried in the light shines with an atonement for the truth,
and the shadows re-appear as portals of our confessions in the night,
the wind blows with a lust of remembrance.

Poet Bio

Aspiring writer
I don’t chase dreams
I construct realities

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