The night of deaths by patty Green

patty Green | Jul 28th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


to dance freely is to cup your breath
in your lung & smile,
holding yourself together
in the palm of the night,
drinking from the hands
of memory that replays the tale
of your father’s demise.

to dance freely is to see the day
breaks with your heart pulsing in rhythm
as the dawn tiptoes on such a night as this
a night your home becomes the reception
to the stranger that exiles the soul
from the bodies of men

to dance freely is to cremate your fears
& chew your lover’s name in your mouth
knowing that another moon will rise
for yet another night of magic.

Poet Bio

patty Green writes from a small, big room in the heart of the Sahara. He believes writing is his forte but mathematics is studying him at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. His works have found a home in several literary anthologies, he tweets @ifeany_patrick

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