The noise by Alexander Kane

Alexander Kane | August 5th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

I hate this place
It’s noisy
Why is it so noisy?
I can’t stand it

The water pipes rattle
It wakes you up at night
It’s so loud
Its like the devil pissed in your ear

Children screaming
Children playing
Children crying
It drives me fucking mad

Weekends I despise the most
People party inconsiderately
Which is fine I guess
But they always shout while standing next to each other

And the music is crap
If the music was good
That would have been fine,
But its not

It’s Friday today… damn.
Maybe I should put on some classical music
Turn up the volume
And dance naked with myself for all to see,
Maybe that would shut them up,
But it probably won’t.

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