The Non-Voters Lament by Vuyolwethu Raeoagile

Quaz | May 10th, 2019 | poetry | 1 Comment

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Let’s admit it
The rainbow nation is a failed experiment,
Inequality is now generational,
Poverty has become a lifestyle,
We live on borrowed money and little time,
Huddled over desks to make ends meet,
Perhaps my problem is a lack of education,
Is there an algorithm to sort this out?
an application
…that can match my high moral ground to a political affiliation?
If jobs and houses are all we exist for,
Then surely we have missed a step in our evolution.

In the horizon, there is an image of a revolution,
But we are too busy glaring into the black abyss,
It’s exactly like sitting on a fence,
It’s not taking a stand,
It used to feel like an act of bravery,
And now it’s a state of complacency,
All because we refused every lie.

.Each idiot replaces another idiot while another idiot steals money, and another sells our souls while the other finds a way to stay fat while removing resources from those who need it the most.

.Free education, land rights, resources for all – all mythical until we see them come true or make them come true.

.No commission can truly bring the truth out and the state has no enemy except itself. The state punishes its own self with a tiny slap on the wrist. It captures itself and eats itself.

.Revolution is as appealing as a ray of sunshine, it’s a nice look to have, it’s trendy when it needs to be and is practically non-existent.

.What is this creature in our midst so obviously selling us false dreams giving rise to false hope creating room for disappointment thus little or no expectation is met while the other dies with nothing at all?

.There is no rest for those who cross rivers, and man-made barriers to taste the freedom glorified from Soweto to New York in quotable quotes. In seeking refuge, the refugee finds unrest, turmoil and empathy on the decline.

.If the people shall govern, then surely they can govern themselves?

Poet Bio

Vuyolwethu Reoagile, a creative fiction and non-fiction writer currently obsessed with inner workings of being human(e). She lives in Joburg where she raises her two superhero daughters.

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1 thought on “The Non-Voters Lament by Vuyolwethu Raeoagile”

  1. Powerful words.
    Many times, it seems, an earthquake, a tsunami, or a rapid wildfire is needed to truly change something in society. Sometimes it feels that people have a collective wish to commit suicide and that’s why nothing is made to improve things but passively people are rooting for those ideas that will destroy the means for anyone to live on Earth. For example, we could just decide that we will start the mass planting of trees, everywhere. If it’s easy to fill every place with cement then it’s easy to tear everything down as well. Just do it. But instead, the mindset and the outcome of global brainwashing makes people ponder and wonder the obvious and there is no real action. Years have been wasted in “Nature meetings” and the wasting of time still goes on. Every second we are walking towards certain destruction. Muscles are needed to conduct the true action and heroism but men, globally, have been tricked to waste their time on alcohol, drugs, gambling, and technological toys for the big boys. Women and children are powerless in front of the war. This is the biggest war we have ever faced, and we lack the “good old average men” who were ready to protect what was important: Love and Life. The modern guys have no strong values, they are lost. But they have a job to do if they only could open their eyes. It’s absurd that people are ready to fight over this and that secondary nonsense, but they are not ready to fight for their own right to live and to give their children and grandchildren a future. It takes only around 150 years or so when the last green spots are gone and that’s when the last individuals on Earth will be gone too.

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