The One Called Pain by Audrina Pillay

Audrina Pillay | February 10th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

You’ll know pain when it walks up to your door and raps its ragged fingertips against it begging you to let it in.

You’ll know pain when it sneaks its way in through the cracks of your soul carving a treacherous path as it makes a way to your core.

You’ll know pain by the way it groans your name with no regard for the day or time. Its only desire is to have its say.

You’ll know pain when it whispers its secrets to you in the dark of night all the while you hope and pray for the break of light.

You’ll know pain when its voice echoes off the walls of heart with each echo as sharp as a dart.

You’ll know pain by the way it gently caresses your heart only to violently squeeze out every salty tear as it rips you apart.

You’ll know pain, oh you’ll know pain, you’ll know pain when it calls your name.

Poet Bio

Audrina is a B.Sc Genetics graduate with an intense love for reading and writing. She draws inspiration from the circumstances she finds herself in and her love for God.

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