The only one by Nomsie

Nomsie | February 4th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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The only one
Like a bird holding onto a branch,
My heart holds on without fail.
Like a river flowing deep,
My love for you runs in me without complaint.
My only light,
Without you, I’m consumed by darkness.
The only one I know, cherish and adore,
The only one I’d die for.
Your name echoes in my brain,
Like a beautiful melody.
You’re my favourite candy,
Your sweet voice wails in my heart,
And there’s nowhere I’d rather be than
being here in your embrace.

Poet Bio

A 22-year-old female.Lives in Sakhile,Katlehong. Writing is a sense of peace to me and also, an escape from the cruel sights of the world.

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