The porcelain doll by The White Widow

The White Widow | Jul 22nd, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Once dropped and a crack is formed.
Now she has been transformed.

But, One mistake is all it will take.

Different than the other prettier dolls
Holding all composure until nightfall
No longer complete perfection
That’s what she sees, staring at her reflection.

The Darkness has taken over the light
now she no longer needs to fight.

She is FREE
Free to laugh
Free to cry
Free to be herself
Not just a pretty doll on the shelf.

Pretending to be ok
Is emotionally draining
Her soul constantly fading.

Silently screaming in agony
How her life has become a fucking tragedy.

So incredibly lonely inside
Who does she choose to confide…
No one in sight, just one more lonely night.

Why do others fail to see
The fragile porcelain doll that has become the shell of me

But as darkness turns to light
She again hides it all out of sight.

The once soulful Angel doll
Pretending, life has not taken its toll.

Then she remembers that she is only porcelain on the outside
Wiping her tear aside

Her true strength lies with her indestructible heart
It’s a new day my Sweetheart.

Poet Bio

I’m a lost soul wandering the earth hoping to find the rest of the lost souls.

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