The Power of Creation by Baleseng Mfolo

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As I take a walk around in nature;
I tend to ask myself;
What can I compare to the beauty of creation?
It must be something with inner beauty;
It must be something with taste;
It must be something with deep restorative power;
It must be something that imparts serenity;
It must be something that imparts peace;
That is the Power of Creation.

A sacred place;
Created for physical harmony;
We turn to you for a sense of calm and clarity;
As you possess qualities like depth, wisdom and openness;
Whenever I am near you;
I get a sense of general happiness;
I get satisfied with life at the moment;
The ocean, what a load of peace you possess;
If only I could afford;
I would live right next to you;
That is the power of creation.

I tend to smile;
As I look at the sunflower;
Blessed with the power of radiance,
No matter how much water it is offered;
It loyally awaits for the sun;
The lesson?
Always look at the brighter side of life;
That is the power of creation.

Not everyone likes a rainy day;
Yet is brings peace;
Hides away all your tears;
And it possesses abundant memories;
It showers thy spirit;
And it waters thy soul.
Let it rain;
Let is rain;
Let it rain;
Let the rain wash all the pain of yesterday;
That is the power of creation.

The best teacher of all times;
“I am full of pride;
No matter the economy of the jungle;
I will never eat grass;
I run fastest when I am hungry;
I roar;
It’s not over until I win;
I am the king of the jungle;
I am a lion”.
That is the power of creation.

When I look at the sun;
I see loyalty;
It is alone, lonely as hell;
Yet it brightens the whole earth;
Every morning;
I see a morning star;.
The sunshine is the best medicine;
No matter how dark your night may be;
Tomorrow the sun will rise;
No matter how cold the day may be;
The sun can give you warmth;
Let your soul shine as bright as the sun;
Hello sunshine;
This is the beauty of creation.

The human body;
I wonder how many hairs I have;
But I will leave that in the hands of my creator;
The most dangerous weapon you can ever possess;
Even if your words are lies;
It will tell the truth;
It shows the strength of the soul;
It releases whatever is in your heart;
It is the mirror of the soul;
Never underestimate the power of the eye;
That is the Power of Creation.

What about the universal welcome?
Your smile;
You give your best smile to someone;
You receive the best smile in return;
The best makeup you could ever wear;
Untouchable, yet wearable;
It uplifts a weary heart;
Dont forget to smile;
As you make life more beautiful
That is the beauty of creation.

It doesn’t have a voice
Yet it has a lot to say
Just by being starred;
How wonderful that everything is connected;
Through the power of creation.
Adore creation.
Appreciate creation.
Embrace creation.
Love creation.
Be there for creation.

Poet Bio

I am a young independent woman who is 26 years of age. I love writing from short stories to poems and I write the best poems when I am emotionally down. I love reading and I love fashion. I enjoy spending time my qith my family and I am also a very spiritual person…

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