The Probability Of Beliefs by Karenhappuch

Karenhappuch | Dec 26th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


There is a slight possibility we believed,
and hopefully we believe still in a notion
of the whole growth of embodiment,
or better still the rosy nature of nature.
& adiposity of oneself in annals,
In this cimmerian time contorted with fawns.
It turns out a fallacy of composition ;
a haven for our hedonism.
Null of supplementary perusal and
Not any reiteration of senility.
The derision and steups are illusory with laxative effects /
The whosit who believed the marshaling of facts.

Poet Bio

Oluwafisayo Akinfolami is a student of History and International studies who expresses her mind, opinions and thoughts through her pages on things “to be treated”.

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