The Remains of the Land by Palash Mahmud

Palash Mahmud | December 22nd, 2023 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

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This is the truth-
The oppressed from one century,
Becomes the oppressor in another.

This is the truth also-
On suffering the forefathers wept
The successors spur on the same grief.

The reason is like fresh water-
Humans are oblivious animals,
Fail to keep the pace, with the tune
Of truth, good and beauty.

Is it the reason?
The promised men have forgot.

How woeful! How aching!
The death-dread-destruction and
The heart’s cries are!

Is this the reason?
The God’s collaborators are singing
The craving song-

Not by the wave and the water from seven oceans,
But by the blood-sweat-tears of hungry liberators
Will flood the remains of the land.

The poem is translated from Bengali titled “অবশিষ্ঠ দেশ” by poet’s himself.

Poet Bio

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