The Reunited Kingdom by Dark Plasma

Dark Plasma | December 20th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


The young queen of hearts was torn apart, left heartless
By the incumbent queen of diamonds, who when cornered was merciless
Both dealt a very strong hand through regal bloodlines, tactful and maliciousness
And played the roundtable to ascend the throne, pure political madness!

The old senile king was only truly a pawn, only a pretend
Within the crumbling castle walls, his declining rule coming to an end
While her empire grew into a strong strategic, military force
On the shoulders of the three lions, the queen’s reign grew fierce

The queen of diamonds ruled mightily for a thousand years of war
And the queen of hearts continued resiliently for generations more
Her reach and power will see us well into the new millennium
Through the new king, it shall be our duty to serve the reunited kingdom

Worldwide, our Independence gained, or regained, however it was obtained!
From the rightful rule the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost himself ordained
The castle of cards has finally come tumbling down for the eager dealers
To reshuffle the stack in the high stakes game for the new peasant players

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. A sketch artist, painter and sculptor. A permanent resident of the Theta Theatre, I therefore dream a million times a day. I love rock music and its poetic lyrics and psychedelic melodies. I’m an artist and love everything art.

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