The rift by Patience Labane

Patience Labane | Feb 10th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


It was my father’s fault
The rift between my twin and i
We came from the same womb
We escaped from the same waist
My sister and I ate from the same plate
We never bickered
We never fought
We parted from the same soul
… But my father
He never loved me like he did her
Turns out daddy was granting himself favors with my sister
When mother and I didn’t see
My sister had the curves
The chest
The thighs
But my sister was psychologically scarred
By father’s cruel intentions
I hated her
Until I found father
On top of my sister
“Don’t cry you little whore”
I bled
It’s safe to say
I died
My sister had been dead for 20 years
I only found out 5 years ago
I hate that man
But I think
I hate myself even more

Poet Bio

Patience Labane is a poet from Free State

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