The Rose of My Life Won’t Stay by Phillip

Phillip | Feb 17th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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[tab id=1]All the petals fooled me for a fast pedal getaway…
Am I to be in the same place
Change seems to be a old nemesis which even when we meet we shake hands looking away…
Your presence ignites the trier in me
As always, I burn on the same spot, same scene
Rose, you leave me just every time I think you won’t change…[/tab]
[tab id=2]Phillip Mdluli was born on March 16,1995, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Although a member of many siblings, from his biological parents, he’s the last born of four. He had an interest in sketch drawing but as he grew fond of reading books his art form of drawing evolved into a word form, storytelling and displaying his thoughts and matters of his heart, became poetry. He mostly stays in his room and let’s his solitude evoke pieces of poetry of a different life magnitude.[/tab]


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