The Sabre Sans a Scabbard by Hafsa Mumtaz

Hafsa Mumtaz | September 16th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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My eyes open like moonlight splitting the clouds –
A haze of silence dominates my being,
It feels like my heart will burst with blood-flow
I try and try and fail again
To pull the images of subconscious back into my
Attention, and yet again, I forget.
I forget the words you say, like a dream that
Sits unsettled in my palms and flies away like
A pigeon clutching the note I run after to catch
And find out the enigmatic truth buried in my mind
Like a distraction while doing an assignment
You come flashing like car’s headlights
Making me flinch lest my eyes stay safe
In Freudian slips, I assemble myself like sand to
Press and construct an abode where you hide
And a wave comes like a mini-tsunami collapsing
The incarnation of my futile efforts
I think I’m a great person when I’m not feeling blue
For I forget what I did to you,
For I was not the one suffering
For I was not the one praying the wind doesn’t
Blow so I don’t fall back to the ground like a stack
Of dominoes
I think I can change the world
For I forget to change myself
For I’m not the one who receives criticism
For my flaws are like the hue on a butterfly’s wing –
When held, the hues stick to your skin
Revealing what lies underneath
I think I can win because I forget
That God’s will is supreme,
My motivation isn’t everything
All this time, I had holding the sabre of amnesia
Because I had something more important to do
Than remember your last birthday
Now you lay silent, like treasure in the Pyramids
And I stand at your grave
Now, my forgetfulness feels like a rusty knife
Now, it doesn’t slit through the veins in your wrist
Now, the rust itches my palms
Now, I lower my head and wonder
How you felt.

Poet Bio

Hafsa Mumtaz, aged 22, is an emerging Muslim poet from Pakistan, and a graduate of English Language and Literature. Her poetry has been published in Visual Verse, The Rising Phoenix Review, Women’s Spiritual Poetry, The New Verse News, Poetry Potion, and has appeared or is forthcoming in Terror House Magazine.

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