The science of living by Sairaj Ghule

Sairaj Ghule | July 30th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


They say it all started from the falling of apples,
You and I and all are elements of the universal periodic tables!

These titration things made me so pissed,
Looked out myself and I was just an impatient beast!

I think These chemical bonds trying to say something,
‘Adjustment’ is the key to strong relationship making!

The reaction is that I could stand with,
But there is no reaction if you don’t have potency!

The mechanism could be a harsh reality that must know,
Cause it is the only thing that saves you from getting out of flow!

The opposite character comes together for forming friendly compounds,
And we are the ones who still fight on selfish grounds!

These heterocyclic suspensions told a story,
There are no boundaries, no worries just be together and it will be the biggest glory,

And the end,

Life is a spectrum of the different wavelengths
These wavelengths have a rainbow scent!

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He is human.

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