The song of love by Egbo Victoria

Egbo Victoria | May 18th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


This song was always on my lips
The song of love
My mother sang it to me every night
Every time I scraped my knee
Or cut my finger
She applied love to my wounds
It worked better than medicine
Coupled with the tender kisses she placed on my forehead
They worked like magic
Then she left
Began a journey without me
Then I sang that song with my lips not my heart
It made no meaning
It carried no feelings
It healed no wounds
It had no magic
I understood it no longer
But you came
And changed everything
You made the words come to life
You reminded me of how much emotion every note carries
And as I sing it now
It makes meaning
I feel everything
It heals my wounds
It soothe my scars
And with the smile on your lips
As I sing caressing your little fingers
I know you can feel the magic too
Thank you little one
For restoring the value to
This song of Love
You are the Love I sing of.

Poet Bio

I am 17 and Nigerian. I’m introverted so I tend to live in my head a lot so I try to put my thoughts and crazy ideas on paper. In my imaginations I can do/be anything even dancing on top of a private jet. I love reading, writing, dancing, listening to my favorite songs while strolling.

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