The story of men and wars by NoLIFE

NOLife | February 26th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


The earth coughed
spewing …
bits of blood and bone
swallowed without chewing.

She had been forced
onto a diet of skeletons and bullets.
The sun tried to dry her wounds,
and when it left she was nursed
by the moon.

When the earth moved
Rivers would form,
and trees would suckle
Whenever she disgorged.

Her landscape is now a strange creature
with mountainous scabs
that run into the horizon.
Their shadows fall
and stretch in pain when the sun is rising
The sand is no longer terra,
It’s just terror.
The only screams are from trees
dying in silence.

“The begging of war only signalled the death of titans.”

Poet Bio

NoLIFE is a poet, rapper, and journalist. He arranges words in sequences that make sense — sometimes in a weird way.

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