The Talent Gene by Thabang Ngoma

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It is the most selfish gene
The one that make us distinguishable
Our uniqueness and special abilities
We owe it all to its infinite mutations

It is the most abundant and the most taken for granted,
Paradoxically, it can be illusive even to those who possess it
Untapped, it is simply wasted

It is what hurts the most when we lose,
When we fail to achieve what we know we are capable of
The inadequacy
The rejection

Inversely, it is what kicks the hardest
And pushes for glory
When we allow it to possess us
We can only achieve greatness

It is the passion that we feel when a song sings to our heart
When words speak to our souls and move us like nothing else
It is more than just luck that we have it at all
Because it calls for us to be more than what we are
It instils in us a sense of duty and is the most akin to our purpose in life
It is not accidental that we have it
And feel unfulfilled when we do not use it
All our lives

The talent gene, exists for only one purpose,
To be expressed
To be used, fully
To be exhausted until it bleeds success
It is the most effective in our lives as a verb
It must constantly be on the move, doing something
It surrounds the bearer with flair
It honours those who sacrifice for this uniqueness,
With riches and fame,
Their families with pride and honour

The talent gene took a flame inside a cave and turned into nuclear energy;
It took the superstition of a lightning bolt and captured it in a light switch;
It turned the bush telegraph into the information superhighway
Imagine what it can do for you fortunate enough to own it;
Know what it is and use it

It expresses itself in us through innovation and invention
With abilities far larger than was otherwise humanly possible
It is a cancer that never stops growing within the host
The only cure is to embrace it and show it
It is a virus that seeks success at all cost
It is the competitiveness in us
The drive that never loses its novelty

It is perhaps the greatest tragedy in humanity
That, that which makes us, us the most
Shames us the most
It’s taboo to be you, to standout
To be different

Talent is unquantifiable and undeniable
It is mother nature’s love ingrained in our souls
Her responsibility placed in our hands
Her answer to a planet filled with such abundance,
Limitless natural resources for one to be anything you want to be
A life evolving without a specific direction or destination
Our challenge is to recognise this and give it one

Poet Bio

Thabang is an aspiring writer& enjoys reading and the challenge of composing & writing poetry. He is also a Team Leader, sketch artist & long distance – runner.


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