The Tiger-Bee by Bernadette Richards

Bernadette Richards | October 15th, 2021 | poetry | 1 Comment

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With his love of mythical spells
And a proclivity towards clapperless bells
The quirky little cub drives his mother slightly batty
On insisting that his destiny
is to become a dancing Tiger-Bee

Even when his friends state there is no such creature
He smiles and says, ‘I don’t understand…are you saying you cannot see me?’
But they roll their eyes and try to analyse
why this Tiger-Bee defies traditional boundary lines

‘Well you can sure do with an ounce of flamboyance’,
sings the Tiger-Bee to their collective annoyance
Today be a poem!
Tomorrow be a sculpture!
On Sunday be a symphony!
Anything that brings you closer to even one dance with the great Epiphany!

Now this is no rant about changing your essence
For each is endowed with potential luminescence
So let the Tiger-Bee dance and shake his clapperless bells
And if you be a square, please wear your squares well
For at the end of the day, the longest stretch is with ourselves

Poet Bio

Bernadette Richards is from Cape Town. She is inspired by diverse forms of art and believes that creativity is one of the best forms of therapy. She writes bits and bobs, including songs and sings to an audience of one, sometimes two.

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