The Truth will truly set you free by Jana Taylor

Jana Taylor | January 28th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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His name I remember well
not just a name, a life, a being
living and breathing

gentleness and kindness
forgiveness and mercy
he the closest to Christ-like I have ever seen
never before nor after have been

it is funny how I can’t forget
my one regret

too broken too bruised
felt so unworthy and acted like slooze
no hope
no dreams
ready to die
found by his love
he was like an angel who was send from above
soft like a dove

Ian changed it all
it is for his love that I call

how did he see
who was the real me?

half a lifetime lost
at such a great cost
my estranged father was on my mind
leaving Ian far behind
now to find that that father was not even mine

The Truth shall truly set you free
believe in Him you shall agree

Our Lord’s standards are off the mark
deep secrets out of the dark
restoration for all in sight
He pierces through the dark
through the lies He cuts
and rips it into shreds

my story of a broken past
many years the lies did last
truth distorted
we were aborted
I the one survived
unwelcome & unwanted
ridiculed and taunted

“what is wrong with you?!”
I did not feel protected
raped, molested & rejected
…all my life affected

but with Christ’s Love the spell was broken
all out in the open
now free from opinions that weighed me down
opinions that pushed me and pulled me around
The Truth truly set me free
no more ashamed of being me
and explained many a tragedy

Christ be my centre
Jesus be my prize
I want to wear You like a garment
as a cloak around my mind

now I wait expectantly
for Lord, my God had promised, my father I will see
and to send me a great love, someone like Ian to me
and by His grace to be set free

please be not afraid anymore
for also Your Heavenly Father wants to restore
the Perfect Father that is He
go through Jesus you will see

Poet Bio

This poet always loved poetry but stopped writing 24 years ago. She walked a sad rocky road but determined not to wallow in self-pity, consumed by self-doubt, she did not write at all. But when the truth about her life was revealed through Jesus Christ her life was altered in a flash, her life exploded into new dimensions. By finding out her identity her heart found a new freedom “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom” healing & restoration is a process, but truth started the process. Thank you Lord Jesus.

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