The Twilight Language by Lee Evans

Lee Evans | Oct 3rd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Before the sun sets, the landscape grows dense
And darkens into ambiguity.

All objects take on a significance
At once familiar and hard to see.

What we dismissed as nothing new or strange—
Trees, stone, moss, fences, sky, stars, grass, river—
Speak to our hearts in the twilight language.

The boundaries of our bodies quiver,
And we dissolve like raindrops in the sea.

A lightning flash illuminates the gloom
Of all our furtive, momentary dreams.

The mudras of the pine boughs pierce the moon’s
Mandala and the mantra of the wind
Chants wordless tones that still the storm within.

Poet Bio

Lee Evans Evans lives with his wife in Bath, Maine and works for the local YMCA.

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