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The unheard voices
They scrape, seek, and search…
Their screams are silent.
Masses outnumbering the tyrant.
Their voices are heard
from yokes, streets and undeserved bonds.

They scrape, seek, and search to find none
that will hear their plea and not flee.
Seen, heard, yet silence ensues.
Ship travellers landed and ended them.
Convulsive cries a norm.

The world knows their voices.
They are an eyesore conspicuous mass.
The world sees, but this won’t cease.
Masses’ loud voices are unheard but the world hears.
Tyranny will still dwell among them…
Their heard voices remain unheard.

Poet Bio

Musawenkosi Wiseman Nyembe is a Master of Education graduate from the University of Pretoria. His interest in English is literature, especially poetry. As a result, his research study is focused on the challenges faced by learners when studying poetry in English first additional language. His love for literature was instilled by the sight of his mother who read IsiZulu literature for enjoyment. Upon seeing his mother reading, he was inspired to be a reader, a poet and short story writer. At a young age, he developed love for English literature and then studied to become a teacher with majors in English language and Psychology. He is currently a school teacher and departmental head of English first additional language in senior and FET phases. He is also a member of the FET English FAL professional learning community of his district and he is involved in the assessment of English FAL for a cluster of schools in Soweto. Musawenkosi is passionate about literature, the symbolism used in it and always links symbols in literature with reality.

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