The Unsent Letter by Kim V. Poetry

Kim V. Poetry | October 8th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


I sit down to pen a love letter.
Pour my heart out line by line.
I think and overthink.
Write and erase.
I wipe the tears off of the page.
This was easier in my head.
The words began to flow
As memories flood my mind.
I tell you everything I’ve
Always wanted to stay.
I bleed onto the page
And confess my sins
To the white page beneath
My hand.
Chest heaving, I lay the
Pen down and read it all,
Over and over.
I sigh with relief and fold
It up nicely.
Perfect creases.
I slip it into the envelope and
Seal it.
Hand trembling as I hold it,
I toss it into the fireplace.
My broken heart stays
Broken just a while longer.

Poet Bio

I am a Navy Veteran and writer. I have written short stories and poetry for over ten years and love every bit of it. I have published four dark romance poetry collections and am currently writing my fifth.

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